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Bistra Best and Fairest Service


In this Service Bistra contacts the local sporting clubs and offers the awards before the season starts, having worked out the actual offer with the store.

Bistra then prints and distributes the claim vouchers to the various team managers.

Usually there are two vouchers for each team each week, one for the actual game but one also for putting in the best effort at training, because we need to encourage those who are not immediately gifted.

If the store is using slushees from our Bistra Slushy Service or the Bistra Soft Ice Cream/Yoghurt Service or the Bistra Labelling Service (Water) as the gift, in whole or in part, Bistra does not charge for the printing or distribution.
The direct cost of a Bistra Slushee is around $0.40, of the Soft Ice cream is also $0.40 (cone) and Water is $0.63. The figures are approximate.

Experience has proven that for children up to 14-15 years old Slushees are the best. Strangely the system is just as successful with older children but with different prizes, such as frozen Yoghurt.
The main emphasis is on the under 15 year olds.


As an optional extra Bistra can organise a Manager oe Coach of the Year award with a perpetual trophy, and a voucher for purchases at the store of $50-$100.

The prize is for each paticipating club, and given to the manager/coach who "Best instils in the children under care, sportsmanship, love of the game, game skills and confidence in their ability"

It is cost effective and it is much sought after and appreciated and so increases recognition of your store. Managers and coaches of these junior clubs do a lot of work without recognition.

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