he objective of the Service is to provide all the means for the Service Subscriber to differentiate the product in the ares of custom prepared hot drinks
This service is most suited to cafe's, restaurants, service stations and takeaways

    • The objective of the Service is to provide all the means for the Service Subscriber to differentiate the product offered to customers
    • It allows the Service Subscriber to make Hot drinks unique and distnguishing feature of their premises.
    • The Service uses four distinct elements to achieve the objective viz :-
      1. A range of equipment suited to different retail outlets
      2. Coffee Equipment that creates a great product with minimal labour cost and maintenance
      3. Coffee beans raosted to perfection
      4. A range of unique hot drinks - e.g. the Bistra "Hot Toddy"
    • Equipment

      1. Coffee Machines
        1. There is standerd 2 or 3 group "espresso" machine with programmed output (as shown above)B able to be operated professionally by anyone with minimum training- for retailers who want to look professional without the cost of a barrista. Each can heat milk while expressing coffee.
        2. The fully automatic machine, with still a professional output but able to be operated by customers if required or by any member of staff. There is a choice of two machines with different output volumes
          1. Where we are adding to existing systems
          2. Refrigerator for two litres of milk - adjunct to any system requiring hot milk or froth
          3. Frother - where the equipment does not offer this facility.
          4. Coffee Grinder (ceramic)
        3. All other items likely to be required are available, benches, jugs, takeaway cups, crockery, glass mugs, spoons and napkins.
      2. Consumables

        1. Coffee beans - A range of blends and roastings to suit the outlet - All Roasted to Bistra's specification
        2. Hot Chocolate - "Maidens' Blend Drinking Chocolate
        3. Bistra's non-Alchoholic Syrups to make drinks with a coffee base such as Kombucha - Wild Lemon
        4. Kefir - Strawberry
        5. Lager - non-alchoholic
        6. Cola
        7. Mineral Water
      3. Maintenance and Support

        • Bistra provides a maintenance programme for all of its equipment
        • Telephone support is available to all purchasers for up to 5 years without charge
        • Training is available to enable the store owner to undertake their iwn maintenance - particularly important in country areas.