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Bistra Indoor/Outdoor Display Service!

Bistra Indoor/Outdoor Electronic Display Service

the economical way to promote your Business!

Increased store sales,
Revenue from advertising other businesses
Touch screen services - e.g.Ordering
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We offer is a complete service it includes (optionally)

  • A display unit.
    • A display unit for outsie (3000nit standard) or inside (700nit standard
    • Sizes fro 42" to 65"
    • Mobile or Fixed
    • Optional touch screen
    • Optional battery power, (limited display time)
    • Choice of colours
    • Optionally water proof (98%)
    • Sound (Optional)
  • A computer to drive the system
    • Computer is completely solid state.
    • Bluetooth, wiFi communications
    • Four USB ports
    • HDMI interface to display
  • A Display program.
    • Any number of pictures can be displayed. The number is determined by the
      time between each picture and how frequently each picture is shown
    • Internet via NBN
    • Internet via Mobile Phone Data ($30 per month)
    • Remote update
  • Monthly Service Fee from $150 includes cost of the equipment
    • Includes 4 pictures replacement
    • Electronic failure


The Bistra Indoor/Outdoor Electronic Display Service has the principal objective of promoting the store and the products and Services it has for sale. Especially it is designed to promote products that are offered at a special price for a limited period.

It can be used to advertise, presumably, non-competing local stores to generate revenue, and Bistra can help in this. Whilst it is technically feasible to include any store it would not be desirable to attract shoppers away for the immediate envirrons of the display.

Remember that the more of these advertisements the less of the client stores for any given cycle time. Bistra

This means, of course, that the service has to pay for itself through the increased gross margin that it generates. So within the service there is a feature that enables items to be updated each week, economically. This feature is particularly suited to Supermarkets with there weekly 1/2 price specials.

The equipment used is high definition monitors with computers. These are warranted for two years from the start of the service and their performance can be included in the Service Fee. There are two types viz:- 1. Outside Use - high luminosity - intended to attract customers into the store and 2. Internal Use - lower luminosity - intended to get customers in the store to spend

Then, there are three sizes as standard although other sizes are optional. These are :-

  1. 65" High Definition - Slim surround. Click here for full specifications
  2. 55" High Definition - Slim surround. Click here for full specifications
  3. 42" High Definition Slim surround Click here for full specifications

There are, standardly, two type of housing with the second having a variation.
1. Wall Mount with access to the back of the display as required Click here for full specifications<

2. Floor mount, either (a)fixed or (b) mobile Click here for full specifications<

>There are normally 18 "spots" of ten seconds, giving a 3 minute 'cycle' of the advertisements. This is entirely programmable. The standard Service< fee provides for up to 4 to be changed each month (conditions apply see post). The Service must be supplied with, or have remote access to, the electronic version of the pictures/videos that are to be displayed otherwise additional fees may be levied.. Bistra provides the complete Service required to obtain the anticipated outcome the increase in gross profit arising from more customers being attracted to the premises (Outside) or existing customers buying more (Internal) If you require further information regarding the Service, please email us with your detailed requirements Click Here.
If you simply wish to purchase equipment please cick Here
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System Specifications

Specification 42"

Specification 55"

Specification 65"

Specification housing"