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The aim of the Service is to enhance store sales and margins at minimum cost. First to qualify a minimum amount (set by the store) must be purchased. This immediately increases the basket size of those participation. Typically the average sale qualifying for the discount is over three times the average sale.

Now depending on the sophistication of the POS system this may or may not include "Specials" and other low margin lines. However exclusions make it difficult to know whether the purchase qualifies so it is best to include all sales.

Bistra Fuel Discount Service

It's ALL about MONEY!

The customer oresents the stamped receipts at the specified Service Station, when filling up, to receive the maximum discount of 14cents (store selectable) for each litre of petrol up to 100 litres,.

The service collects the vouchers and calculates the discount given and the reimbursement due to the Service Station.

The Service has worked for many years successfully for all parties. Whilst there is a potential for 100 litres @ $0.14 the average litres averages between 14 and 35 litres per sale. It builds a lot of customer goodwill, and there are significant savings in the higher basket size.
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