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Bistra General Promotional Service


  • Identifies your optimal market position given the identified constraints
  • Designs a path to that position
  • Undertakes the management of the activities involved in the path to your optimal position
  • Works on a continuous review to ensure all activities remain relevant to the objective
  • This is a service that should pay for itself!

Outline of Service

The Service is amorphous. It is different in different situations..only the objective remains constant

It depends for its success on the quality of the Bistra Services consultant involved and the tools he brings to the problem.

Bistra Services consultants each have a proven track record in determing the appropriate offer and then finding the right way to promote it, all in accordance with the particular financial and other constraints faced by the store.

In addition to these functions the consultants are expert in other areas of the business operations affecting the profit outcome. However the primary focus remains, the offer and its promotion.

The first meeting to work out the scope of the study is free and results in an "offer" of the work to be undertaken, the timing and the cost.

You have to have confidence in your consultant. Everything is based on that simple issue. So if, after the first meeting, you are not entirely satisfied with the consultant we will offer another.

If that is acceptable work begins and continues until completed.

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