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Bistra Gift Certificate Service


  • Attracts customers to your centre
  • Attracts customers to your store and introduces them to your "offer"
  • Your store becomes part of the community with benefits arising
  • A very low cost way of attracting customers

Outline of Service

The significance of the service is that the "Gift Certificate" is printed for each event to get the maximum store exposure. The gift certificate is not sold it is usually given" to various local clubs and charities to assist with the fund raising, offering maximum exposure at minimum cost.

It removes from the store the approbrium of saying "no", we say it.

We can work on an annual budget or on a case by case basis by reference from the store. With a budget for the store may then in a position to offer different suggestions rather than refusing.

Certificates are sent to the store to be collected from their by the recipient organisation.Of course the certificate is only useful at the issuing store

We can set up your very own Template to be used in all your certificates whatever the event

There is a minimum charge of $10 including postage for the initial certificate in each instance and $5 for each additional one.

See also the Bistra Signs Service which sometimes works in conjunction with the Bistra Gift Certificate Service HERE

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