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Bistra Labelling Service

Bistra Labelling Service

* An inexpensive way to promote your Business!
* Product unique to your store,
* Advertise your store @ normal profit margin
The Service works quite simply. Select one of Bistra's bottle products
or select unlabelled stock from elsewhere, design your label for it (Bistra can design it if required) , and bistra will
print the label and, if required, paste it onto the product and deliver it.

The key is that Bistra can make small runs of labels economically. It is more highly priced than buying standard products, but you have to take into account the value of the exclusivity AND the advertising.

It works best where the
* product is of some value and of relatively light weight.E.G. Water is difficult but wine is great.

* At this time we can only do round bottles but any shape of label, labels that go completely around the bottle or short, front (and back). and

* full colours and

* gloss photo paper only.

* Labels are fixed colour, non fade.As an example we can supply a 600ml
water bottle labelled for your store @$0.65 per bottle (in the SMA) minimum delivery 240 bottles.

We can provide a range of wines for labelling, suitable for bottleshops, cosmetics for chemists and supermarkets and a number of foodstuffs and drinks.

Once the label is designed and the product in stock, delivery occurs within 2 days in the SMA.
We can do regional and country but the economics are a little different.

If you require further information regarding the Service, please email us with your detailed requirements Click Here.
If you simply wish to purchase equipment please cick Here