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Bistra Sign Service


Our job is to remove issues that interfere with the 'business' of the store, to allow the management to focus on that exclusively. In this Service Bistra handles all the signmaking requirements of the store in a variety of ways to make it economical

Signs are required in all shapes and sizes, majority being A3 or less. An A4 Colour Laser or inkjet printer, with economicl cartridges, and an A3 laminator and perhaps a guillotine is sufficient for most purposes. This is combined with your specific templates and Bistra Services cheap paper of various types supplied by Bistra Services then for the majority of signs you have an efficient system.

However even though printing yourself is undoubtedly cheapest if you have a volume of signs, we can make it easier still by printing and delivering for you AND where there is not a need for a number of signs this method may even work out to be cheaper.

Certainly for infrequent signs beyond say A3 it is unusual to find suffiient volume to warrant the significantly increase equipment cost. Here Bistra Sign Service has the facilities needed.

By working out the templates required, the style, fonts etc. we largely remove the problem, often associated with signs of the actual product not meeting expectations ensuring a high level of satisfaction.

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