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Bistra Slushee Service

This is a full services. It provides everything you need to provide slushees to your customers. All you need to do is to keep the machine filled, and collect the money we can do the rest. We can ship our syrups, and provide a level of support economically throughout Australia. Whilst we can provide on site repair and maintenance it can be prohibitively expensive outside Sydney. Maintenance is simple and not excessively time consuming.
Proper operation of the machine in accordance with the specifications will reduce our involvement to a minimum. Re-setting and repair are relatively simple in MOST cases and can be done by most people with any mechanical aptitude.


Especially is this true giveen the extensive range of videos explaining what to do. Diagnosis remains the main issue, but is resoved with good co-operation between the machine operator and Bistra Services and smart phone videoss.

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Elemants of the Service

  1. Equipment
  2. Slush Syrups
  3. Other Consumable
  4. Maintenance and Spares


  1. Slush Machine
  2. Stainless Steel Stand
  3. Cup Holder</li>
  4. Spoonstraw Dispenser

Slush Machines

The Company offers a very reliable, easily adjusted and easily repaired machine. Importantly it will operate in non-air conditioned premisises, over a range of ambient temperatures. Most machines are designed to work in air-conditioned premises with a constant temperature.It comes in one, two and three bowl models. They are ideal for sites where expertsupport is not readily available and make profits on low volumes It is controlled by temperature rather than resistance as with other machines. This means that when the product in the bowls is low the machine does not freeze. It uses magnetic drive and therefore replacement motors are cheaper and more reliable than with other machines. However to avoid over filling and mess as well as damage to the machine can result from use bue the public so it is recommended that Slushees be served by store staff. Bistra Services offers a 2 year parts warranty if the machine has been operated properly.

Commercial Ice Slush Machine TT-J12A - Main View 12L One Bowl CE Automatic Control

Commercial Ice Slush Machine TT-J12B - Main View 2X12L Bowls CE Automatic Control Commercial Ice Slush Machines

Commercial Ice Slush Machine TT-J12C - Main View 3X12L Bowls CE Automatic Control

Slush machines can provide drinks for adults as well as children. they are an efficient way of serving cocktails and enjoying hugh margins, Bistra Services provides a "Best and Fairest Player" service based on its slush machines which attracts people to the store.
So there are many ways of profiting from your slush installation. Bistra Services will help to identify the possible opportunities in your store.
These opportuniies do not apply to any slush machine, they apply to the Bistra Services machine offer.
More Bistra Slushee Machine HERE

Stainless Steel Stands

  1. Bistra Services offers a range of stainless steel "benches" to support the machine when there is not enough counter space or other suitable facility.
  2. They range in size from one suited to a single bowl machine to one supporting a 3 bowl machine with ancillary furniture.
  3. The are 100% Stainless Steel construction.
  4. They are sturdy and economical and of course, they last forever.

Cup Dispenser

  1. Cup Dispensers are not vital but where there is sufficient volume. They are relatively inexpensive but there is some cost incorporating them into the Stainless Stell Stand unless ordered at the time of ordering the machine.

Straw Dispensers and Sundry Equipment Itemsies

  1. Napkin Dispenser - In some environments it is desirable to offer napkins and in such cases the use of a napkin dispenser is desirable.

Slush Syrups

  1. Slushees are made by mixing a specific slushee syrup with water and sugar in fixed proportions. All the simple equipment required is supplied by Bistra Services for those using Bistra Services Slush Syrups.
  2. Of course the Syrups are what makes the installation successful.
  3. Bistra Services Syrups are sold in 15 unit packs. Each unitmakes 8 litres of mixed syrup. Packs are available as all one flavour or in mixtures of a minimum od three of the same flavour thus up to five flavours in a box.
  4. Bistra provides a wide range of syrup flavours designed for its Slush Machines.
  5. Bistra Services Syrups are designed to be sent economically to anywhere in Australia or overseas. Other syrups syrups are relatively expensive to move around which makes it uneconomical tohave a Slush Machine outside the SMA. Not so with Bistra Services products.
  6. Bistra Services make their own syrups to their own exacting formulas.
  7. Syrup Flavours Offered for children are are
  8. Syrups flavours offered for adults are


Other Consumables

  1. Consumables Cups
  2. Dome Lids
  3. SpoonStraws

Consumables : Cups
  1. Bistra Services offers a range of cups including clear or coloured plastic and waxed and other treated paper. As stated above we try to adhere to three sizes, 16oz, 12ox and 9oz. However other sizes can be provided by special order. Cups are sold in "sleeves" of 50 with 5 sleeves a minimum