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Bistra VIP Service


We have several versions of this Service.

  1. This is our favourite version because it does not require anyone to "sign up" They can nominate a local sporting club/charity/school to receive the benefit.
    This generates excitement in the community and word of mouth advertising for the store. Everyone gets there own card or uses the mobile phone to record the purchase and accumulate the reward. Rewards are distributed monthly.

  2. In this version customers "sign up" to receive weekly benefits, ranging from "specials" that are reserved for their purchase various special offers (provided by Bistra Services to the store if not otherwise available) available only to them. It can be combined with a card issue or phone app but this is superfluous. It is a club and club members are treated as such but to a specified extent. There are potential problems if suddenly they can "club" together, but this would be difficult for them on email whereas on Facebook it would be easy.

  3. In this version we issue a card and purchases are accumulated for the person. This requires customers to "sign up" as in version 2. above but the incentive is accumulated for the particular person and can be used with any purchase. This requires an interface with the POS or a separate device to determine the discount available to the person/card which is then entered into the POS as a discount. A bit clumsy but then you can alsways use the Bistra Services POS

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