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Bistra Internet Service!

Bistra Internet Service

  • Increase your "catchment" to the entire world
  • Show your "offer" at nominal cost
  • Be sociable, extend your personality
  • Stack your virtual shelves
  • It is a REAL profit opportunity

The Bistra Internet Service is really a set of services which, taken together, offer a complete, complex web experience.

These are :-

There is no suggestion that you need ALL of these services, you may, but that is up to you. We can offer you a complete Internet Service.
1. Design Our expert graphics artists, experienced in Commercial applications on the "web" need to work with you to find out what you wish to achieve and how you wishto achieve it and convert that into a workable design that you are happy with.

2. Create the Wen Page This may be done contemporaneously with the design in many simple instances. It is the codes that translate your design ideas into an actual page on the web. It is always cheaper for the group that did the design to do the coding, but not mandatory.

3. eCommerceIf you are a store no doubt you want to create sales. eCommerce s the software that allows customers to see your wares and purchase them. There are many different packages designed for different purposes so selecting the right one is essential. Correct Implentation of the package is also crucial to the success of he site. AND of course once established it has to be maintained, and supported.

4. Search Engine Optimisation The key to success of the site is to be an early, first if possible, listing from a search by someone. AND it has to be economical. How this is to be done changes from time to time, due to a number of factors including changed criteria by the search engines themselves, advertising costs, changed sales emphasis by the customer and so forth. Our experts do the job!

5. Security FunctionsSecurity is of great importance. There are two main elements. Security from malicious software holding you to ransom, and security from system failure. Security functions are ongoing. Nothing is ever 100% secure but we do our best.

6. Social MediaIf done properly, and that is difficult, social media can multiply several times the benefits achieved from the other work. Success depends on a following, a following depends on interest eing constantly generated. It's a bit like holding the tiger by the cannot let go!!

Effective Web advertisingThey key is to edefine very precisely the market you are after and to direct advertising on both Facebook and Google so that it is cost effective. It is easy to waste money.

Bistra Services can help you to a successful web presence including if appropriate your own web App!

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