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Bistra Welcome Service!

Bistra Welcome Service

  • Attracts customers to your centre
  • Attracts customers to your store
  • Your store becomes part of the community with benefits arising
  • A very low cost way of attracting customers

The Bistra Welcome Service is best undertaken in conjunction with other stores to minimise cost. The basic concept is that each new resident in a defined area around the store receives a "Gift Pack" from the local stores, usually including vouchers to be used at the stores,
By this means the new resident is made aware of the local stores and what they have to offer. It seems strange but new residents often remain unaware of the local stores location and what they have to offer. This service is designed to address that problem. There is some "common cost" in the box itsef and Bistra Services fees to obtain the lists of new residents each month , to obtain the ffer from each participating store and to deliver the "Welcome Box" to the new arivals in the area. In addition to these efforts there is the "cost" of vouchers or "products" provided by the store.
Costs vary for a number of reasons but the average is $3.00 per box per participating store is a not unreasonable estimate.

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