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This is the Equipment we sell

Frozen Yogurt/Soft Ice Cream Machine

We sell only one brand of Frozen Yoghurt/Soft Ice Cream machine. There are a wide range of models to suit various in store situations such as counter top models and including a mobile system.
Either this or the hard ice cream machine really form the basis of frozen desserts although they are not used in every recipe but either frozen Yoghurt or Soft Ice Cream is usually an option.

Hard Ice Cream Machine ( Batch Freezer )

This is the machine for those who prefer “hard” ice cream. Being a batch freezer you can mix verious ingredients for different results like strawberry, blue berry, pecan. It is then kept in a freezer in bowls to be scooped out as required or put in an ice cream flavours dispenser (see below)

Fruit/Ice Cream Mixer

The function of this machine is to enable the mixing/blending of fruits into a “sorbet” type product, to mix fruit with ice cream in individual servings to give and endless array of combinations. It can also make smoothies.

CommercialGrade Blender

Thiswill do the same job ad the Fruit/Ice blender except that the output will not be in a form suited to individual serve, especially in a cone.

Slushee Machines

This machine holds just on 36 litres. It controls refrigeration through temperature control not resistance which affords significant advantages. Thickness is controlled via the electronic screen in the front of the machine. It has reliable "O" rings so you will not find syrup mixture all over the floor when you come in one morming. This can be varied in real time to take account of different percetages of sugar in the mix from time to time. It comes apart easily so it relatively easy to clean. It is best placed on a Bistra Wheeled Stainless Steel stand so it can be easily moved to a suitable place for cleaning.It takes little power Height = 800 width = 600 depth = 450mm.

Ice Making Machines

You need ice for most frozen desserts and smoothees

Adjustable Temperature Upright Display Freezer

Thr fruit recipes call for a mixture of different frozen fruits and the Hard ice cream has to be kept somewhere. This greatly facilitates the blending process.

Freezer Ice Cream Flavours Dispenser

If you have apenchant for hard ice cream there is often a need to serve various flavours from a display freezer such as this Ice cream flavours dispenser.

Impinger Ovens – Gas and Electric

Well, you cannot cook without some sort of oven and impinger ovens are the most flex ible. Especially useful for Pizza parlours. Baked desserts of all kinds are relatively quickly made.

Cone Making

Not for all stores. However this usually allows to charge more at little extra cost. This system has an automatic timer. Auto systems are available but a largee volume is required to justify them.

Eco Solvent Printer

The aim here is for Companies that need to produce their own signs, quickly and possibly labels in short runs. Bistra Services provides services based on such a printer but for those who want to print their own…...

Cutter Plotter – Australasian Agent for Vicsign.

We sell only the “Vicsign” brand of equipment. We train I n the use of the equipment and offer maintenance and support Services.

Vicsign’s “Segmented Arm Cutter” is really the only cutter plotter suited to making rolls of labels, especially for relatively short runs.

We use these cutters, often in conjunction with the above printer to cut out signs, high qualiry labels and the myriad of items that are needed to promote the store, by the Bistra Signs Service and the Bistra Private Label Service.


For further information on Vicsign products click

Coffee Machine

This is an exciting machine. It handles standard “pods” as well as coffee grounds. It has 9 bar pressure

About as ubiquitous as the soft ice cream machine, this has all the major features, temperature control dispenses expresso whilst steaming the milk and offers button control. Each button is programmable and the machine wholly made of 304 stainless, e="margin-bottom: 0cm; line-height: 100%"></html>